06 maio 2009

the Europe's most scenic capital

a nossa Baixa Pombalina está listada para voto nas seven urban wonders of the world.

ainda sobre Lisboa, o UCityGuides considera a nossa capital the Europe's most cenic capital and one of the world's most soulful cities:

Lisbon, The first capital of the global village.
Can Lisbon be Europe's new capital of cool? The words "new" and "cool" haven't really been associated with this city since the 16th century when it ruled over the world's first global empire, extending from Brazil to India. Vasco da Gama's expedition to the East brought it cultures and a touch of the exotic that Europe had never seen before - spices (cinnamon, pepper, ginger), foods (potatoes, pineapples, tea) and animals such as the elephant and rhinoceros that paraded by the city's waterfront.

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a imagem é do RCB, com exposição patente aqui.

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  1. Concordo que Lisboa eh uma cidade muito cenica. Eh uma cidade linda. Me lembra muito algumas cidades brasileiras. O que eh ate certo ponto obvio.