01 fevereiro 2011

36 Hours in Lisbon by New York Times

não adorei a abordagem,
mas não deixa de ser a minha Lisboa no The New York Times.

'Cheap. That’s the label usually slapped across the forehead of the Portuguese capital. Around the Continent, the waterside city is mostly seen as the charmingly faded seat of a centuries-gone trade empire where you can plunk down some coins to ride an old yellow cable car, visit Baroque churches and squares, fill up on cut-rate seafood meals, sip 2-euro glasses of Portuguese red and retire to your budget hotel. But Lisbon is getting fancier every month. By day, ambitious upstart museums and renovated industrial districts offer an infusion of contemporary art and design. By night, a fledgling wave of neo-Portuguese restaurants, stylish night spots and innovatively designed hotels provide happening places to play. The best part? The city remains a terrific bargain'.

veja as imagens aqui.

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